Cloudo is closing down

Dear Cloudo users, two years ago we set out to solve the probelm of scattered data across cloud apps. We believed that cloud apps should not be silos, but rather a connected pool of information.

Along the way we created a search app for Mac, Windows and iOS that simplified how you searched for your stuff in the cloud. We are proud of the product we’ve built and more importantly of the fans that we got along the way.

Your feedback shaped Cloudo and helped it grow into a product many people came to love. Thank you for helping us achieve this.

We are thankful for all those that believed in us and supported us - our families and friends as well as our investors The Spot Booster and Pioneers Ventures.

Unfortunately, our story ends here. Despite the many challenges in the world of cloud apps, we failed to create a sustainable platform and business. For this we are deeply sorry. We considered every option before making the difficult decision to end the product that brought us together, but were unable to find a feasible solution.


Ondrej, Juraj, Pol, Karoly and Jakub

What happens next?

As of today, it is no longer possible to create a new account and on the 1st of July the Cloudo app will no longer be available. To facilitate the transition we have complied a list of questions and answers you might have. If there are still things that remain unaswered, please reach out to us at


What will happen to my data?

In short - nothing. You will not loose anything and there is no need to export your data. We will disconnect all connected services for you. Once disconnected we lose permission to access it. This means we won’t have access to your data anymore.

What will happen to my subscription?

We are terminating all active subscripitons today and you will not be charged in the future.

What should I use instead of Cloudo?

There are a few alternatives we can recommend:

Can I still use Cloudo after July 1st?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to use Cloudo after July 1st as all servers will be turned off and the service won’t be available anymore.

Help, I still have questions.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions at